Hunting for Fisher-Paykel Supply Line Fittings

Remember the dishwasher install I wrote about a few years back? (here’s the link) Well, another kitchen remodel has been underway, in a house that’s about to celebrate 100 years standing in one place. Yeah, no wheels. Like a lot of older houses, its kitchen is fairly small, and its last real renovation was during…

Quick Breakfast Sandwich

I have a vice. The only fast-food breakfast that ever interests me is a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg. But it’s not the healthiest sandwich, especially when it usually comes with a 32oz fountain drink and a deep-fried hash brown. One of my slightly healthier alternatives is to make the sandwich myself in the RV….

Trip Summary

So after nearly 3 weeks, we’re back where we started, in Iowa City, Iowa. Of course, it’s March now, and I’ve just now finished writing about it. Don’t worry–there’s other RVing stuff in the pipeline. I’ve been holding off on other RVing stuff until this was finished, to help make it easier to follow. But…

Days 18-20: To a Tennessee Wedding

After picking up Milo and getting some much-needed rest, we were on our way from Cincinnati to Jackson, Tennessee for a wedding. We picked up the suits we’d left at a dry cleaner’s before flying to London, stopped by a barber for a fresh haircut, and hit the road.

Day 17: New York City Tourists, and back to Cincinnati

First order of business for the morning was breakfast. It wasn’t included with the hotel, but the first level was home to a diner that had pretty good reviews. We found ourselves eating traditional American breakfast food, in traditional American portion sizes–far larger than any breakfast we encountered in Europe outside of the buffet in…

Day 16: The Longest Day

Starting promptly at about 10am. We got out of bed, and headed down to the bakery at street level. Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate croissants, etc. Lots of delicious calories, easily carried around while we walked.

Day 15: To Copenhagen

We didn’t have a terribly early start, but it kind of seemed a little more stressed than some others. After setting our own schedule and having tons of flexibility for most of the trip, today we have a flight to catch. We also have to get the rental car fueled up and dropped off at…

Day 14: Berlin to Brussels

We started our day in Berlin, walking only a block or so to a cafe that had cakes and pastries that were worthy of a transatlantic flight all by themselves. After that, we checked out of our room, and wandered around to see the few places that we hadn’t yet had time for, and I…

Days 12 and 13: Ich bin ein Berliner

For the most part, on Saturday, we did things that a Berliner might ordinarily do. We started off with a breakfast at a leisurely pace at a small cafe. Like many things in Berlin, the food was inexpensive and very good. Called Cafe Butter, we enjoyed an all-you-can-eat buffet with nicely-presented pastries, fruit, potatoes, fish,…

Day 11: Road Trip to Berlin

Like I mentioned last time, day 11 was a driving day, from Vienna to Berlin. We justified “giving up” a day of our trip behind the wheel for three reasons: it was somewhat en route to returning the car in Brussels, it was mostly unrestricted autobahn driving, and it was MOSTLY UNRESTRICTED AUTOBAHN DRIVING!!!!!