Motorhome Lemon Laws by State

Before you agree to buy a new motorhome or towable RV, you should probably know what the lemon laws cover in your state, the state where you intend to purchase, and the state where you choose to have repair work done.

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The table below shows which states include motorhomes in their lemon laws. Note that this does not mean that all systems, or that any failures under warranty, trigger protections under any particular lemon law. Some limit remedies to certain types of safety-related defects. Others cover virtually anything covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Of course, no one wants to plan on needing lemon law remedies, and you don’t generally buy a motorhome hoping that the manufacturer will buy it back. But similarly, no one plans on buying a brand new motorhome and leaving it at the shop for six months or more to be repaired either. It’s a big purchase, so take the time to do your homework before you find you need repairs.

For each entry below, you can click on the state name to be taken directly to that state’s implementation of their automobile lemon law. As always, come to your own understanding. Know that there may be case law further refining or redefining the statutes themselves.

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Are Motorhomes Included Under State Lemon Law?

Note: State abbreviations are links that take you to the relevant statute.

AKYesRegistered in state
AZChassis Only
ARChassis OnlyTitled and registered in state
CAChassis Only
CONoSold in state
CTYesSold or leased in state
DEChassis OnlyLeased or bought in state, or registered
DCNoManufactured, offered for sale, sold, or registered
FLChassis OnlySold in state
GAChassis OnlyLeased, purchased, or registered in state
HINo (if over 10k lbs GVWR)
IDNo (if over 12k lbs GLW)Sold or licensed in state
INNoSold to buyer in IN and registered in IN, or sold in IN to nonresident
IANoPurchased or leased in state
KSChassis Only, must be registered for gross weight of 12k lbs or less)Sold or leased in state
KYNoRequired to be registered or licensed in Commonwealth
LAChassis OnlySold in state
MEYesSold or leased in state
MDNoRegistered in state
MINoPurchased or leased in state or by state resident
MNChassis OnlySold or leased in state
MSChassis OnlySold in state
MOChassis Only
MTChassis OnlySold or registered in state
NENoSold in state
NHNo (if over 11k lbs GVW)
NJChassis OnlyPurchased or leased in state or registered in state
NMNo (if over 10k lbs GVW)Sold and registered in state
NYYesPurchased, leased, transferred, or registered in state
NCNo (if over 10k lbs GVW)Sold or leased in state
NDNoSold or leased in state
OHChassis Only
OKNo (if over 10k lbs GVW), Chassis Only otherwiseRegistered in state
ORChassis OnlyPurchased or registered in state
PANoPurchased or leased in Commonwealth, or registered for the first time in Commonwealth
SCChassis OnlySold and registered in state
TXYesPurchased at retail from license holder or resident of state and registered in state
UTChassis OnlySold in state
VTNo (if over 12k lbs GVW), Chassis Only otherwisePurchased, leased, or registered in state
VAChassis Only
WAChassis Only
WVChassis OnlyPurchased or registered and titled in state
WIYesPurchased or transferred in state
WYNo (if over 10k lbs GVW)Sold or registered in state