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Part 2: Showing Heater Current doesn’t go up when Supply Voltage Drops

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Legal Issues for RVers

The plan is to gradually morph these pages into a more comprehensive reference for state-by-state legal issues pertaining to RVers. Sure, there are lots of similar lists out there, but every one I’ve ever come across is riddled with errors, and virtually none provide a reference to the statute that makes a certain act (driving at a certain speed, towing multiple trailers, etc.) illegal. As a result, when laws change (they do) the reference becomes obsolete, yet lingers, gets copied as fact, and reposted over and over again.

Here, you’ll have links to statutes for each of the data points. Some states make it easier than others to find and understand, others write laws in a twisted combination of English, gibberish, and Martian dialects. If it’s sufficiently unclear that following one of the links doesn’t direct you to an easily understood law, I’ll include a note or separate page with more detail.

Whenever possible, links are directly to the statutes on a particular legislature’s website. Laws do change, and many of the legal resources take some time to include law changes from the most recent legislative sessions. While not necessarily guaranteed to be accurate, legislatures’ web sites are generally the best electronic source there is. As I’m just getting started though, I’m using primarily Justia to speed things along.

We’re adding information on specific legal issues like speed limits that are generally applicable to categories of vehicles found RVing:

  • Motorhomes, and/or RV trailers specifically
  • Non-commercial vehicles exceeding certain weights (declared, empty, or gross) or numbers of axles
  • Vehicles towing other vehicles

Of course, 50 states and DC don’t have consistent definitions, much less consistent requirements. Part of the purpose in linking statute is to help you find out if a regulation applies to your specific situation or not.

Speed Limits for Motorhomes, Trailers, and other RV Combinations

Lemon Laws by State – Motorhomes

Lemon Laws by State – Towable RVs

What to do at Inoperable Traffic Signals, State-by-State – Added 2/21/2020

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