Ten Years on the Road!

It’s kind of hard to believe, but I’ve just crossed the 10-year mark as a full-time RVer!  For this post, there won’t be much text–just a few pictures highlighting some of the places an RV has taken me in that time.

My first RV, right after I picked it up.

Lots of pink! I guess that was the thing in the early 90s…

Old Route 66 in Oklahoma. Paved in 1926!
Old Route 66 in Kansas. Last remaining Marsh Arch bridge on the highway.
Water leak! Major cabinet re-do as a result.
Cabinet re-do turned into a big remodel end-to-end!
Just a little more modern than pink tile.
That little girl is off to college soon. Only kid I’ve ever met who was excited to help dump the tanks!
Highest elevation with the RV. Right at the tree line on Pike’s Peak.
New Mexico sun and skies are some of the best for photos. I was underneath adding fluid to the overdrive.
That road was a little eerie on the way in with the RV’s “vintage” headlights. It was worth it though!
On the edge of Lake Mead. First real trip with the Showhauler.
Anyone who’s ever tried buying diesel in Indiana knows how confusing the prices can be. Buying in Michigan, even if I didn’t look like I belonged.
County parks with full hook-ups and lake views? Yep.
Giving the RV some new shade–another DIY project.
Maybe a new window now that the sun doesn’t shine in so much?
One of my favorite camping spots. 100′ long pull-through, with enough vegetation that you didn’t know you had neighbors.
Plenty of room!
Looking a little older…
The Grey Ghost getting its new kitchen.
Milo’s first RV trip!

Ten years, 7500.6 gallons of fuel, and 47,574 miles later, I have no plans of stopping!

10 thoughts on “Ten Years on the Road!”

  1. Kudos to you! If you ever get to Blowing Rock, NC vicinity give us a shout. We own and operate a small RV park, Starlite Trailer Lodge. Will give you a few free nights if you decide to visit.
    Will begin reading your blog, curious how you create an income stream while on the road.
    Take care,

    1. I could tell you, but then there might not be a spot for me! It’s Fort DeSoto County Park, just on the north side of Tampa Bay. Even if you don’t camp, make a point of visiting if you’re in the area. It was really tough to get a site, even for a night, during the winter.

  2. We are in our 21 year 2nd rig since we started and thia one is a 98 Alpine which are out of business. We had 59,000 on the first and 180,000 on this one…… We have kids in Tucson and western NY, Spend 4 months in Mazatlan Mexico, so big miles every year,.. We also are work kampers….Good Luck and safe traveles

  3. Holy Mackeral. Just happened to click on this and see you are catty corner across from us right now. We are the Open Range fifthwheel behind you with the black F350. I’ve been admiring your dog!

    Say hello!

    Phyllis and Leonard East

  4. What a great photo journey!! I do believe that the bridge is my hometown’s very own “Rainbow Bridge”, just north of Baxter?
    Always enjoy your visit’s when you are passing through the area, need to get your Mom and Dad out here.

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