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Dave is a nuclear engineer that dove into RVing head-first. Years ago, a summer job at Los Alamos National Laboratory necessitated a search for housing, which largely came up empty. Within a couple of months, Dave researched the idea of full-timing, bought an RV, and headed cross-country. He learned about RVing as he went.  His first stay ever in an RV park was as a full-timer back in 2006. Over ten years later, he hasn’t looked back.

Look for posts about his RV projects, a tour of the two RVs he’s owned, and what it was like getting through school living in an RV.


John is another nuclear engineer who spends his free time training for Ironman triathlons and building gadgets that sometimes work. He began his RV experience when he was between apartments one year, and his friend and former colleague offered to let him stay at his place. That friend turned out to be Dave. When not BS-ing, John and Dave found that they both enjoyed building gadgets that improved their RV experience.  John currently lives in an RV-sized apartment in Austria.

With any luck, John and his girlfriend will be showing Dave around Vienna this fall, at which time Dave should be able to twist John’s arm into writing a little more here.


Milo 20151027_134505has been a full-time RVer for more than three years.  Even when the RV isn’t on the go, he tends to keep an eye on things from the front passenger seat.  He opens his window when he wants fresh air, enjoys long walks (3 miles max, please!), and generally loves to travel.  Like a lot of RVers though, he likes nice weather–he avoids the rain, and walks around puddles.

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  1. Ron Corwin says:

    Dave, I bought the same microwave that you purchased. When we arrived in Reno my DW found a piece of metal on the range top. It turns out it is one of the tabs that holds the back of the microwave in place. I now have 1 tab and the screws that go into the top along the front. I plan on replacing the bracket with some aluminum angle and screw it into the bottom of the microwave. You may want to check yours.

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