Amazon’s Prime Day

If you’ve read much here, you’ll notice that we make use of Amazon Prime a lot.  Usually it’s just because it’s an easy place to find what we’re after at a fair price.  When you’re travelling, especially when you’re only going to be somewhere for a few days, the certainty of when something is going to be delivered is very valuable.

I also find myself doing the math comparing a trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot to ordering online.  In one case, I needed a dozen or so M4x6mm machine screws.  If I went to Lowe’s, it would be almost $2 for each pack of 5, and I wouldn’t know until I got there if they had enough.  Even with the extra charge for overnight delivery ($3.99), I had a pack of 100 in my hands before lunch for less than $10.

Why am I talking about Prime now?  In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Amazon has decided to make today Prime Day–a day of sales that they say rivals Black Friday.  I wasn’t going to go quite that far, but a quick look this morning shows that there are some pretty good deals to be had, and a long list of them.

Sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial here, or if you already have Prime, go straight to Today’s Deals.  Most of the good stuff can be found under Today’s Lightning Deals.

Part 4 on the kitchen project should be up this afternoon, showing how we sourced cabinet doors and drawers, putting them up, and finishing them.


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