Electrical Truths and Old Wives’ Tales Explained

As I approach 11 years of RVing, I’ve heard lots of things said about what you should or shouldn’t do, or explanations of a particular problem that have been passed along and accepted as truth.  The problem is many of them aren’t much more than Old Wives’ Tales, or are so far removed from the original situation that they applied to as to be counterproductive.  But there are some that hold water too–how can you tell the difference?

With this post, I’m announcing what will hopefully become a weekly post.  I’ll take various things I’ve heard relating to RV electrical systems and dissect them.  It’ll be a combination of write-ups, sometimes with mathematical formulas (as an electrical engineer, I can’t resist that), videos, and demonstrations.  I’ll pull from your comments, things I’ve seen in campgrounds, and Facebook posts.  Dos and don’ts are easy to come by; I want you to understand why.

Inevitably, some topics will be hard to grasp for the non-technical RVer just getting started.  If something doesn’t make sense, or you want to know more, let me know!

Fair warning:  I may exaggerate some of the titles of the myths, just to keep things a little more interesting.

Serious warning: The first one, dealing with a space heater’s plug getting hot, is going to be pretty long.  It’ll show up sometime within the next day.

What do you want to know more about?


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