Is your Motorhome a Lemon?

We hope not! If you think your motorhome might be a lemon, legally or otherwise, you have some work to do. You’re concerned with getting it fixed for good, or bought back by the manufacturer. Laws covering motorhomes under state law vary quite a bit, from coverage just like a car to none at all.

Again, we hope you aren’t sitting on a lemon. If you’re thinking about buying one, a motorhome that is, ask where you should do it. Give careful thought to where you buy, where service, and where you make claims under a state’s lemon law. Right now we just have a brief summary of whether or not motorhomes are included at all. In the future, we’ll add additional columns to indicate whether a state’s law applies to only vehicles purchased there, registered or titled there, or perhaps neither or both.

Check out the state-by-state table here, and let us know if you see anything needing correction or have suggestions for improvement.

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