The Silverware Drawer

Everybody has one. Forks, knives, spoons, and usually some other random stuff. You probably have it all organized in a plastic tray, or perhaps custom dividers, that fill most of the drawer. I know I did, and over a number of years the soft white plastic had developed a few stains, and didn’t look quite as new as it once did.

I can’t say for sure where I first saw it, but that drawer is now a happier place, with a silverware tray that doesn’t take up as much space. Eventually I found a listing for it on Amazon, where I learned that it was branded Joseph Joseph. That’s the same brand as the nesting utensil set that’s been perched at the corner of the cooktop for a few years now. Here’s what the silverware tray looks like in stock photos:

I got it with a 20% discount for getting it from Amazon Warehouse–that made it $7. It still had the original packaging, but was labeled as a return–my guess is someone ordered it without checking the dimensions. It just fit in the drawer I wanted it to go in, which is pretty shallow–just barely having the 3-1/4″ of vertical clearance necessary.

The old Rubbermaid tray took up the whole drawer. All of the silverware fit, though the knives just barely clear the drawer opening. I might order a second one for some other small utensils, like the potato peeler, measuring spoons, and can opener. At least that’s the plan if it doesn’t fill up with other junk first…

It’s a lot higher quality plastic than the old tray, and seems as if it’ll be easier to keep looking clean. If nothing else, the grey color should hide some of the dirt and crumbs for a while. Tiny rubber feet also keep it from moving around as much as the old silverware tray. For less than lunch at a fast food joint, I’m pretty pleased.

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