Replacing PowerTech Generator Mounts

Last time, I briefly mentioned that the mounts on my generator were in need of replacement.  You can see in the picture below that the rubber had deteriorated quite a bit, and was an oozy, greasy mess.

Old, partially collapsed mount.

PowerTech sells a replacement mount for my generator, but at over $60 each, plus shipping, I felt it was severely overpriced.  It looked generic enough, so I figured I could find what part they used or a compatible substitute.

Sure enough, a Lord (or Doosan) J-20922-2 mount matches up and does the job, at half the price.  Showhauler anchored it to the motorhome body with two bolts (3/8″ hex head), and a 14mm hex head bolt went up from the bottom into the generator.  It could have been easier, except that the hole to get to the bolt directly from underneath wasn’t big enough to get a 14mm socket through–the bolt into the generator had to be dealt with with an open-ended wrench.  Fortunately, the generator was light enough (ha!) that a pry bar could lift it enough to slide the mount out.

What’s left of one of the old mounts.

The old mount was obviously long gone, supporting the weight of that corner without any rubber in between.  With any luck, the new mount will be good for quite a few years.

New mount installed.
New mount installed.

While I was in there, I also replaced the fuel filter.  It was probably long overdue, as I’d never done it–and finally figured out that the number printed on the old filter was missing a digit.  I was able to cross-reference it to a Baldwin BF7648 or Luber-finer FP588F, and the fuel pump took care of filling the filter and re-priming the injection pump.

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