Update on Liberty HealthShare

It’s been quite a while since I’ve discussed this subject–and Liberty is to blame for a good portion of that. You may recall that I’ve kept track of the monthly reporting on Liberty’s financials from their monthly newsletters (see here), monthly share amounts (here) and a variety of other changes. But those monthly newsletters lapsed,…

Your RV Furnace Doesn’t Cause Condensation

Combustion of hydrocarbons certainly does, but not from your furnace. Your furnace doesn’t cause condensation, or even raise humidity in your RV. This post explains why, and what else might.

When your phone suddenly says “Emergency Calls Only”: SIM Swapping

You’re relaxed at the perfect campsite, spacious, quiet, great cell signal, and an awesome view. You intend to have a few productive work days, using your internet connection to stay in touch with the real world. But at some point, you notice that you don’t have an internet connection, or that your phone says, “Emergency…

The Silverware Drawer

Everybody has one. Forks, knives, spoons, and usually some other random stuff. You probably have it all organized in a plastic tray, or perhaps custom dividers, that fill most of the drawer. I know I did, and over a number of years the soft white plastic had developed a few stains, and didn’t look quite…

Electrical Myths, Part 6: “Power Surge” Burned 30-Amp Plug

You’ve probably seen pictures or heard stories of charred 30-amp plugs plugged into a campground pedestal. You’ve also heard a variety of explanations, most of them incorrect or incomplete, but you know that the problem is more likely during the peak of air conditioning season, and related to the load from your RV. You hear…

Weber BabyQ Regulator Repair and Upgrade

My Weber BabyQ propane gas grill has seen a lot of things. I bought it my first summer RVing, and since then it’s been all over the country, spending most non-travel days sitting outside. This post will talk about its regulator failing, and how I replaced it without the $50 part from Weber. Now well…

Quick Update on Towing Speed Limits

You’ve asked, now they’re posted. For each of the most common RV combinations, we’ve generated maps color coded by the maximum speed you’re legally allowed to travel. See the full detail here. We’ll be adding similar maps for the lemon law pages very soon.

Is your Towable RV a Lemon?

Once again, hopefully not. But we know towable RVs with chronic problems–lemons–do exist. We talked about which states include motorized RVs in their lemon laws last time; click/tap here to see which states also include towable RVs.

Is your Motorhome a Lemon?

We hope not! If you think your motorhome might be a lemon, legally or otherwise, you have some work to do. You’re concerned with getting it fixed for good, or bought back by the manufacturer. Laws covering motorhomes under state law vary quite a bit, from coverage just like a car to none at all….

Speed Limit Increases in Montana, OK, AR

A while back, we posted a guide to general maximum speed limits applicable to RVs here. As laws are constantly changing, we periodically have to make changes. Here are a few from the beginning of 2019. As has been the trend for more than 20 years, they’re all increases. Montana Speed Limits Now 70 for…